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06-13-2017, 08:53 PM
Computer Smith-Chart Tool and S-Parameter Plot

1. Smith-Chart Diagram
Matching ladder networks with capacitors, inductors, resistors, serie and parallel RLC, transformers, serie lines and open or shorted stubs
Free settable normalisation impedance for the Smith chart
Circles and contours for stability, noise figure, gain, VSWR and Q
Edit element values after insertion
Tune element values using sliders (Tuning Cockpit)
Sweep versus frequency or datapoints
Serial transmission line with loss
Export datapoint and circle info to ASCII-file for post-processing in spreadsheets or math software
Import datapoints from S-parameter files (Touchstone, CITI, EZNEC)
Undo- und Redo-Function
Save and load designs (licensed version only)
Save netlist (licensed version only)
Print Smith-Chart, schematic, datapoints, circle info and S-Plot graphs
Copy to clipboard for documentation purposes
Settings for color and line widths for all graphs
2. S-Plot

Read S-Parameter - Files in Touchstone®-, CITI- and EZNEC-Format
Graphical display of s11, s12, s21 and s22
Graphical display and listing of MAG (maximum operating power gain), MSG (maximum stable gain), stability factor k and u and returnloss
Linear or logarithmic frequency axis
Cursor readout at gain and return loss graphs
Convert and export S-Parameter to normalized or unnormalized H-, Z-, Y- or A-Parameters in Touchstone® - Format files.
Export s11 or s22 to Smith-Chart
Print all graphics and listings